Wednesday, April 23, 2008

well... autumn gave way to winter rather quickly!

Westbourne Road, Saturday night, on our way to eat out. In a stroke of genius, Max elected to go to the Carolina Spur in Greenacres Mall, we were able to park undercover, and go in and out without drowning or freezing to death. We had a good meal too.
This week the shorts and T shirts are lying neglected on the shelf while bulky jerseys are making a comeback!
To see overflow pictures from this post, and also the previous 2 (especially the coelacanth sculpture) see this post.


  1. Love the threw the window shot! Still warm in Cape Town - meant to be 30C today... except it is getting very cold in the mornings and the evenings :(

    I have just joined CityDailyPhoto - I think I'll be stopping by your blog more often as I have never been to Port Elizabeth :)


  2. Love the shot; it's very artsy-fartsy!! So sorry that your area is turning cooler and colder. Summer weather is really the best!

  3. Hi Craig, welcome. City Daily Blogs are great fun, glad you have joined the family!

    Kate, I must be a freak because I ADORE foul weather, I would much rather be too cold than too hot!

  4. I prefer cold too. At least, when it's cold you can keep adding layers of clothing. When it's hot, humid and sticky, even butt nakid I feel miserable. >8D

    Oh, and btw, I LOVE your colorful rainy shot!