Monday, December 29, 2008

34 Degrees South

One of our favourite places to eat out is 34 Degrees South at the Boardwalk. It has a nice ambiance, a good menu to choose from, good service and a great view. Today was no exception and the Cape Salmon was superb.

Update - 34 Degrees South closed down and has been replaced with a Spur.


  1. I've always loved 34 Degrees, even before it came to PE. It was always on the itinerary when we went to Knysna. The PE setting is lovely and as you say, the food is always excellent. I'll definitely be visiting when I'm in PE next year :)

  2. Could you please remove 34 South PE from your blog as it is no longer in existence.
    Many thanks,
    Mike Kaplan

    1. This is not a listing website but a travel and photography blog showing off our beautiful city. Its also a daily photo website so removing the post would mean having a gap on that day. I have added to the post that 34 Degrees South is closed and replaced by a Spur, but removing the post is out the question. Its like asking a magazine to recall a publication from 4 years back because the place they wrote about has closed down.