Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Fire in Albany Road

Albany road seems to be an interesting road, recently we featured floods there, from a burst pipe...

Yesterday, as I often do when I am wandering around the house, I looked up to check the view through the front window, and there wasn't one! I checked the side window to see if a mist was coming in but it was bright and clear... so I realised I was looking at a fire in the valley.

Luckily the fire department were already there....

And the smoke was soon joined by clouds of steam as they hosed down the surrounding vegetation.


  1. I just love the first photo with the window? in the background just visible. Luckily the fire didn't start when the wind was blowing like it is today.

    I just noticed I am visitor number 40 000.

  2. Hey...just chanced upon your blog.

    Very interesting.... your blog is an ecellent resource on PE...

    I have heard SA is a very beautiful country. Your pics certainly confirm it!!


  3. Shudder... those pics remind me of growing up in a house right on the Baakens Valley (off Thomas Road in Walmer) and one year having a huge bushfire coem sweeping up the valley in hot dry february, with a roaring wind fannign it. The fire department came to our door and told us to evacuate as they could not guarantee our safety, and I rememebr grabbing all my photo albums, diaries and ID book and chucking them in the boot of the car before we all retreated from the house. It was really nerve-wracking and we were very relieved when they got the fire under control metres from our garden wall. Since then, I have always been uneasy when I smell smoke in PE...

    What wonderful clouds!