Saturday, December 13, 2008

In the summer time when the weather is fine

It is a beautiful day and the Bay and the start of the holiday season. Pollock Beach was quieter than the other beaches today, with no wind and clear skies. Out in the ocean too far away to photograph, were two hump backed whales making their way acroos the Bay and far in the distance was a school of about 2000 dolphins in a feeding frenzy.
For some beautiful photos of whales, dolphins and other animals in the Bay visit the Raggy Charters website.


  1. postcard pretty! well done! sj

  2. I cant help noticing how few people are on the beach, even when the weather is fine. In the 60's when I lived in PE, many more people came down to the beach. Is there any special reason for that ?

  3. Hi Gaston, there were a lot more people on Kings Beach and Hobie Beach (Shark Rock).
    I know what you mean though. I think there is probably much more to occupy peoples' time these days like staying at home and watching DVD's or shopping as the shops are now open all day long.
    The time have sure changed.

  4. I'm glad the sand is slowly returing to Pollock Beach after that stormy seas of some time ago. We spent our day by the pool.

  5. There is something wonderfully unspoilt about PE's beaches - and no matter what the weather, you will always find a beach somewhere that's not too crowded :)