Friday, April 24, 2009

Green energy

The Pick n Pay head office next to Walmer Park Shopping Centre recently launched a new phase in its effort to achieve energy independence. It erected a small "wind farm". The stars of the show is three 12-metre e300 Kestrel turbines built at Eveready's Port Elizabeth factory.
For more information, read this article.


  1. An effort to be applauded and they always make great images.

  2. This is a good innovation, considering all the electricity interruptions over the past year!

    The PE sky is beautiful!

  3. I was impressed to see these on my recent visit - seeing as we have a LOT of wind, it woudl be a great idea if more businesses followed suit and harnessed the power!

  4. What a total waste of money, these turbines do not produce any usable energy in the type of area they have been installed, this is purely a marketing campaign. If Pick ‘n Pay was serious about the environment they would spend money on real projects with real savings. I challenge them to publish the power generation data from these windmills.