Monday, May 11, 2009

Action Cricket

Action Cricket is a very popular past time and played by both men and women. In Port Elizabeth there are four leagues (seasons) a year and about 80 teams taking part in each competition. I started playing about a year ago and is currently playing for the Night Crawlers in one of the lower leagues. We are very much a social team and not that good, so its as much about the fun than it is about the competition. Plus the fact that it is probably the only exercise that most of us get.


  1. Looks like fun.I have never tried action cricket before. I have watched it before a few times. A very fast paced game...

  2. Hi,

    I played Action Cricket when I was still living in PE, but that was many moons ago. I really enjoyed it, had great fun and lots of laughs. We called ourselves the 'Ball Bashers' :-)

    Roné Baxendell

  3. The batsman looks like a pro.