Sunday, May 24, 2009

Primary Schools Rugby

On Saturday we stopped at Walmer West Primary School just down the road from us to watch a bit of primary schools rugby. They were having a sports day and various schools were playing both rugby and netball against each other. As we got there the under 13 teams of Walmer West Primary in the blue and Excelsior Primary on the orange and green took to the field. The boys in the Walmer West team was a lot bigger than the Excelsior boys, but the boys in orange never stood one step back for the boys in blue. Walmer West did end up as visitors on the day.
The days when I was involved in schools rugby came back to me. Parents running up and down the side of the field shouting their lungs out, the know it all puffing away on his cigarette criticising every call the ref makes and the girls marching around trying to catch the eyes of the boys and then being disappointed when the boys are so focused on their warm-ups that they don't even notice them.


  1. I see they still play barefoot there.You couldn't do that here in the uk. (Northern softies)Great shot,captured the intensity perfect.

  2. Wow! The picture is just awesome! That's an exciting moment you've captured.

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