Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Victoria Park

Victoria Park is situated in lower Walmer close to South End and is one of the "lesser known" big parks around Port Elizabeth. I say lesser known because I can bet that most people living in the city has never been there. I went there for the first time myself not too long ago and really enjoyed the park. Its big and open so the chance that there are unsavory characters hanging around is very small and if they are you will see them coming a long way. There are big grassy areas and a couple of ponds with water lilies on them. Every year there are a couple of concerts in the part, most notably the Eastern Cape philharmonic orchestra annual concert in the park.


  1. It is definitely one of the lesser known parks. I have been in PE for over 6 years now, and only visited it for the first time earlier this year. Its a fantastic park.

  2. You are right - it is truly an undiscovered gem! I remember going to a picnic concert there a few years ago - absolutely marvellous!