Saturday, May 23, 2009

Donating blood

I am a regular blood donor and try to go and donate at least four times a year. I headed down to the SA National Blood Service Head Office next to the Provincial Hospital this morning with the family in tow. Chaos Boy wanted to see how I donate blood. The SANBS does a project with schools where they encourage high school pupils to donate while encouraging the primary school pupils to get their parents to go during a specific month. Chaos Boy's school had their month a couple of months ago and since then he's been wanting to go along to see what happens.

How ironic it was when I saw a link that Jeanette posted on Facebook relating to the subject and its importance. It was from The Three Ring Circus. The Post in question can be found here, but more importantly a link to her speech on Why you should donate blood.


  1. You are so right – donating blood could mean survival to a person. I gave blood many times, but last time they did not want it. One of the question asked was “did you prick yourself with a needle?”. Trying to be as truthful as I could I said that while sewing my skirt, last week, I did prick myself with a needle as I was not wearing my glasses. They refused my blood.

  2. Thank you so very much fo linking to my blog. it is an important message to get across, donating blood helps so many people.
    Thank you for being one of those amazing, selfless people who gives of youself.