Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FIFA Host City Profiles film crew

As mentioned before, I spent a couple of days with a film crew shooting the footage for the host city profiles for FIFA. The footage will be shown before the matches are played during the FIFA 2010 World Cup here in South Africa. This means that the footage shot here in Port Elizabeth gets aired just before the games that is played in PE. We are fortunate that there are eight games here, so lets hope it involves some high profile teams so that the city gets maximum exposure from the footage.


  1. Wow - that looks like an amazing beach! Good photo of the film crew - tough job to have to do that on a perfect day on a beautiful, sandy beach ...

  2. aaaaah Hobie Beach - sun, sea, sand, waves and bikinis / mankinis - whatever!

    Just not cricket that you get to run around on the beach and I sit behind my monitor all day!

  3. You should have recruited the girl to play action cricket for us.