Thursday, October 1, 2009

Station building

Another pic taken from the freeway on the same morning as Monday's harbour sunrise pic. The railway line runs next to the freeway towards the Port Elizabeth Station. This is looking down onto the railway lines with one of the station buildings next to it.


  1. Excellent pic Firefly, reminds me of a Dave Goldblum line "I was born in a working man's town/ between the harbour and the factories".

  2. "from the freeway"

    Careful Firefly the men in blue are out in force this month.


  3. Well... um... actually, MyPE, they did stop by (after the shoot had been going for about an hour and a half) and went on about the dangers of standing on a freeway. But the producer did the smooth talk about why the shoot was taking place and we were left with a "please be careful" and "get the needed permission next time". Phew...

  4. Love the photo. It has a strange lonely kind of look to it