Sunday, October 18, 2009

Waterfall pool

This will be the last Sleepy Hollow pics posted for now. A couple of hundred meters up from the camping area the gorge splits in two with the main stream flowing into it from the left hand side. The right hand section is a fairly narrow gorge leading up to a small waterfall. To get to it takes a bit of scrambling over rocks and boulders, but at the top is a peaceful spot. The waterfall may not be the Victoria Falls, but the bit of water trickling down over the rocks makes for a serene atmosphere. At the bottom of the waterfall is a small pool of cool (well actually cold when we were there) water.


  1. Looks gorgeous! Wish I was there!

    You have a really great selection of photographs of PE, really makes me want to visit. The closest I ever got was Grahamstown and Port Alfred about 27 years ago.

  2. I agree! I want to see the place for myself!!

  3. we are definitely going there this weekend, wish I wasn't disabled