Friday, October 30, 2009

Kragga Kamma Golf Course

I don't get much chance to play golf. Perhaps twice a year, which means I'm anything but a skilled golf player. I normally play a (half) round with my brother when I get a chance and then just share his clubs as well. What makes my game worse is that although I'm right handed, I hold a cricket bat left handed. This means that I play with right handed clubs and a left handed grip which makes my swing look a bit awkward. Anyway, because my lack of skill and clubs will probably make any main stream golf club make me turn around at the door, we play at either one of two 9 hole golf courses. Here my Boet is teeing off on the 6th over the water at the Kragga Kamma Golf Course just outside town. By the way, that little yellow ball of his (seen above the water) went *plonk*.


  1. Fore!

    I'm no golfer, but I'm guessing plonk isn't a good thing here!

  2. I've played golf only once. We had a team building outing one Friday afternoon. I was playing with a good group, so my horrid play did not prevent my foursome from winning the department tournament.

  3. A major facelift has taken place at this golf course - amongst others, it is now 18 holes. Visit our website at: for the latest details. You can also visit our Facebook page from there. Enjoy!