Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cricket at St Georges

Last Friday evening I went to watch the Chevrolet Warriors play the Cobras from Cape Town in a Pro20 cricket first leg semi final at St Georges. We normally sit on the grass bank but this time decided to get tickets at the top of the Duckpond Pavilion. Wow, what a view. The atmosphere and vibe may not have been the same as in the general stands, but the view was awesome. The Warriors won the game by 3 runs and is playing the Cobras in the second leg in Cape Town tonight. A win will give us a home final next week. Holding thumbs.
Update: The Warriors won the second leg game and has clinched a home final here in Port Elizabeth.
GPS: 33°57'58.95"S, 25°36'36.22"E

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  1. I used to have a season ticket for the Duckpond ... wow, the good old days before kids and mortgages! But wow, it get's really chilly up there ... guys used to be walking around shirtless on the grass banks, and I would be up on Duckpond, dressed in 2 layers wth a blanket draped over me, lol!