Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today I feature the rhino in my Big 5 series. There are two kinds of rhino. The White Rhino (pictured above) as well as the Black Rhino. The difference between the two has nothing to do with colour. Black rhinos are generally smaller and more aggressive than their cousins. They are browsers and generally live in the bush. White rhinos are grazers and is just about always found in the open. The Dutch called them the Wide mouth rhino and when the English heard it they though the Dutch were calling the White rhinos. Hence the name. It is generally excepted that the black rhino is amongst the Big 5 as it is far more dangerous to hunt it, but for all intensive purposed both as Big 5 animals. The best place to see Black rhinos near Port Elizabeth would be at the Addo Elephant National Park, while just about all the private game reserves have White rhinos that are spotted on their game drives.

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