Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Staying on the Big 5 series, today's animal is probably the one that most tourists would like to see in the wild. The lion is always referred to as the king of the jungle. Groups are normally made up of female and young with a dominant male hanging around. Other males would live in small groups and from time to time a male would challenge the dominant male for his position. The hunting in the groups are done by the females while the male would eat first, followed by the females and then the cubs. The gestation period for a lion is about 110 days. Most of the private game reserves around Port Elizabeth has lions, but my favorite reserve to go lion spotting would be the Tooth and Claw safari at Schotia Safaris Game Reserve.

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  1. Having the privilege to see these magnificent creatures whenever I want to, this pic is one of the best ever! Congrats!