Thursday, April 1, 2010


Bayworld consist of the Port Elizabeth Museum, Oceanarium and Snake Park. Since the departure of the dolphins for Hong Kong the number of visitors to the complex has decreased. Insufficient funding from the provincial government under who's control the complex falls have also meant that parts of Bayworld is in desperate need of an upgrade. But for all its problems, Bayworld is still an excellent value for money attraction and well worth a visit. I decided to do my bit to promote Bayworld by doing a series on the complex and to show some of the different exhibits and attractions it has to offer.
Bayworld series #1: Bayworld's Dinosaur Hall boasts a life size recreation of the Algoasaurus who's fossilised bones were found close to Port Elizabeth.


  1. Funding for parks seems to be a problem all over the world.
    Next visit I'll get to PE for sure. Will put this on the list.

  2. I seen this guy in North End one time under the flyover.He was eating an indian at the time. Never hung around in case he wanted dessert... 'strue man.