Saturday, June 5, 2010

Game Drive

I love visiting game reserves. When I used to be a tourist guide and had to take guests to a game reserve, I always hoped that there would be space for me to go along on the open vehicle for the game drive. Most guides stay behind because they get to go so often that they get bored, but I never did. There is always something new or different to see and photograph. Now that I don't guide anymore my visits to game reserves are few and far apart, but when I do go I'm like a child looking forward to a party. This picture was taken at Schotia Safaris Game Reserve.


  1. Once a guide, always a guide.

  2. That's one of my dreams - a game drive on safari! But, not much protection from the wild animals in that vehicle....

  3. TO THE WILD. i recently posted about my ride to the small wild i found in the place i live now. and i guess i got the same feeling you have "like a child looking forward to a party". hehe i did party with the grass, flowers and uncut trees and stuff. come and take a look at it: