Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vuvuzela Wednesday

Love them or hate them, the vuvuzela is become part of soccer in South Africa and the craze is slowly starting to spread across the world. The vuvuzela is a plastic blowing horn, approximately one metre in length, and commonly blown by fans at football matches in South Africa. It requires some lip and lung strength to blow and emit a loud monotone sound like a foghorn or an elephant. They are generally hated, but is growing on the South African population like a rash. In the past it was used mainly by black people with whites hating it with a passion. This is now changing. At the recent Super 14 semi finals in Soweto, staunch Blue Bull supporters who would have choked in their brandy and cokes 3 months ago if you had to tell them vuvuzelas would be allowed at those matches, were proudly seen sporting blue vuvuzelas and were given tips by the black supporters.
Any way, this last Wednesday was declared Vuvuzela Wednesday. People were asked to blow their vuvuzelas for 5 minutes at noon. We all headed out to the curb and made our noise and waved our flags there. In Sandton in Johannesburg over 100 000 people came out to blow their vuvuzelas in support of Bafana Bafana who was on an open bus tour through the area.
By the way, South Africa drew their opening game 1 all against Mexico last night.


  1. Although probably deafening for 5 mins I'll bet the energy and sound is invigorating for all these fans. Did you and family join in?

    Rough way to start the Cup with a draw, but better than a loss.

    Go Bafana Bafana!!!!!!

  2. Fantastic community spirit. Looks a bit chilly, tho.

  3. You know, I thought we had those horns around here at games for a quite a few years. Don't remember where I first saw them but it has been a while.

  4. Interesting. When I watch a match, I have to mute the sound. Those horns are so loud and annoying on TV, I cannot imagine what's it's like to be in the stadium. No ban this time. But, so many players seem to be aggravated (and probably losing their hearing), I suspect there will be a ban at the next World Cup. Have fun!