Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stalls outside St Georges

Outside the boundary of the St Georges FIFA Fan Fest but within St Georges Park, the municipality has registered and allowed quite a number of food and craft vendors to set up shop for the duration of the World Cup. For those inside the Fan Fest its a cheaper option to have lunch or dinner than to buy from the vendors with their regulated prices within. I feel a bit sorry for these vendors cause the last couple of days have been cold and wet and some of them had little or no shelter over their stalls when I walked past on the weekend.


  1. The risks and rewards of conducting business in South Africa. Wonder why FIFA chose a winter World Cup?

    Must feel sorry for the vendors - agreed - weather has been particularly unkind of late.

  2. Nice to have locals out but bummer about the wet weather. This pic sure looks inviting with a clear blue sky.