Thursday, August 12, 2010

Giant South African Flag

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is busy upgrading the Donkin Reserve and one of the main features of the "new" Donkin Reserve is the biggest South African flag in the world. The flag is 12 meters by 8 meters and flies at the top of a flag pole that towers over the Donkin Lighthouse. The flag is even visible from the Port Elizabeth beachfront and is set to become a prominent part of the PE skyline.
For more pictures featuring the sky, visit Skywatch


  1. This is Huge! Good thing it will stay up permanently as it would be Very hard to put up and down and fold away. ;)

  2. That's a cool shot! The sky is so clear too. We don't get that much here in Florida, always seem to have clouds somewhere.

    I am familiar with your flag, we have friends from South Africa that live here now.