Monday, August 9, 2010


Today (9 August) is National Women's Day here in South Africa and I would like to pay tribute to women everywhere by posting a picture of a female elephant. Confused? Don't be. Elephant family groups are lead by matriarchs. What they say goes and they lead by example. I have even seen them "tell off" the big adult bulls when they join up with the breeding herds and, believe me, that must take something. So here's to the women in our lives. Our wives (or girlfriends) and mothers, sisters and grandmothers. Respect.


  1. OK, you gave tribute to your wife.

    The matriarchs are outstanding and can handle their charges well.

  2. She is a beauty. In the past I had to avoid the Zambezi ladies in the Zambezi Valley on a number of occasions. They took their duties very seriously.

  3. What a wonderful Womans Day post! Difficult not to respect this lady!