Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Museum parking

The South End Museum has struggled with parking space at the museum since they opened.  They recently secured funding to have a parking area developed on the corner between the museum and the busy Beach Road / Walmer Boulevard intersection.  The centre piece of the parking area is a granite "soccer ball" which was one of the legacy projects that was part of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


  1. .... yes and i believe it cost 2.1 million????? Someone's palms must be very well greased, sheesh! i can think of a lot of ways to spend 2.1 million that would provide things this city needs that are more useful to the infrastructure and people's needs than an overpriced granite ball!

  2. I agree with Suzi-k but must say that I cannot recall seeing such a delightful parking area.

  3. Great pic Firefly. Keep them coming. got them coming into a feed reader now to make it easier to see when the updates come through.