Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Power Station

The old Swartkops Power Station makes for a very unusual landmark where it stands next to the Swartkops River.  The power station came into operation in 1954 and was used by the Port Elizabeth Municipality to generate power until 1996 when ESKOM (South Africa's power utility) offered them electricity at a rate that couldn't be matched by themselves.  Today the power station with its six 76 meter high chimneys stand empty and nobody really knows what the plans are with the building.  Driving along the Swartkops Road towards Despatch there are salt pans on the left and some days they are just covered in flamingos.  Its actually a bit of a strange site seeing all these magnificent birds so close to an industrial area, but the locals are so used to them being there that I think a lot of people don't even notice them anymore. 


  1. Absolutely Stunning picture, Firefly. Keep up the great work

  2. Beautiful. Drive by often, don't even notice the place anymore. Well done for finding beauty in unusual setting!

  3. It's called 'Smelly Creek' because of the rotten egg smell that emenated from the power plant. Think about the pollution!

  4. mmmm - lovely flamingos - everytime I have been that way with my camera - wind is howling and no flamingos.

    Must be a next time for me to get the photos of the flamingos.

    Quite a contrast - lovely birds contrasted with old abandoned power station.


  5. Great Picture! In 1982 I worked there as a apprentice electrician. It was quite dirty inside of the coal dust.

    Henny Bongers
    The Netherland.

  6. Greta,
    You are not correct, "Smelly Creek" is opposite the North End Cemetry on the Papenkuils river.