Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sukume Museum

The Sukume Human Dignity Centre next to the Walmer Township (Gqebera) consist of a creche, feeding scheme and hand craft project to assist people from the nearby township.  The centre recently started a small museum to help visitors understand the township and the culture of the Xhosa people.  They still have a lot of different plans for the centre and the museum, but as they do it out of their own pockets its a slow and ongoing project.


  1. Firefly, you do get to see some interesting places. Nics pics of late.

  2. Lovely shot! Always exciting to drive over that amazing bridge.

  3. Oops - the above comment was intended for the next post! I work faster than my computer does. But this one is most interesting too - I wish more townships would get involved with tourism as they really are so uniquely South African and fascinating.