Saturday, March 5, 2011

Marimba band

International visitors really enjoy seeing and experiencing traditional music and dancing when visiting the country.  This marimba band was entertaining a group of tourists at a township tavern just before lunch the other day.  Jeya's Jazz Corner is one of the most popular township taverns in Port Elizabeth and can be found in New Brighton township.  Owner Noxolo Sume often organises for a band or dancers to come and entertain when she has tour groups book for a meal. 


  1. I'll bet that was awesome. I missed musical entertainment while in ZA. Once again, I'll say next time.

  2. Looks fun. Marimbas are now taught at posh schools in Cape Town in order to get kids interested in music.

  3. Would love to have heard these guys. Reminds me when I was but a tikkie and a brick high of the Andrew Tracy Steel band. They were also great
    Nice pic.