Tuesday, March 1, 2011

BayFM Opskop 2011

On Sunday the annual BayFM Burger Opskop (see here for last year's post) took place in Despatch.  The Opskop is a one day Afrikaans music festival, organised by BayFM, with some of the most popular Afrikaans artists performing on stage all day long.  The event isn't just a fundraising event for the community radio station, but also a way for the station to give back to its loyal and supporting Afrikaans listeners.  Like last year the day was an alcohol free family day.  How awesome is that?  Not one drunk oke harassing people and making an (another name for a donkey) of himself.

One of the performances was by popular Afrikaans funny band DJ Ossewa who lost one of their band members in a car accident last year.  RIP Raapie Knapie

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