Monday, March 28, 2011

St Georges Prep visit No7 Castle Hill

Visiting No 7 Castle Hill on Friday morning you would have been excused if you stood there with your mouth hanging open not knowing what was going on.  Grade 4's start doing history for the first time and part of the syllabus is the history of Port Elizabeth.  A lot of the schools visit historic sites around the city and one of those sites is the No 7 Castle Hill Museum.  Every year St Georges Prep school goes the extra mile for their visit and all the kids dress up in (or as close as possible) period clothing creating a highlight on the No 7 Castle Hill calender. I got word of the visit and made sure that I was there to snap a couple of photos.

For a couple more pictures of the occasion, visit The Firefly Photo Files.


  1. Absolutely FUNTASTIC X Caroline

  2. It's so nice to see this museum being used. I love the feeling inside there.

  3. Its great that they get into the spirit of the thing. I think the girls look pleased but the boys look not quite sure. Great photo. Here in the UK a teacher would not have allowed me to take a similar photo. All the kids would have to get a consent form filled out by the parents. Paul at Leeds daily photo