Sunday, September 4, 2011

Denville's Surf Spot

Millerslocal is a fantastic website for all surf related aspects of Port Elizabeth and, although I've never surfed in my life, I often pop over to have a look at some of the surf pics the guys post on there.  Not to long ago they had a couple of posts on where Port Elizabeth's surf spots got their names from and I had the idea to go and take a photo of each one and post it here on PEDP.  I haven't actually been around to go take the photos, but snapped this one for a start the other day.

The little bay next to McArthur swimming pool is called Denville's and is a favoured spot with beginners and surf schools. The name came from a couple of dudes that used to surf here around the 60's, Dennis Buchman and Neville Mandy.