Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kiss and Ride

I've heard of "No Parking" and "No Stopping" zones, but a "Kiss and Ride" zone was a first to me when I passed VW SA in Uitenhage the other day.  The sign is by the front entrance of the factory on a lay by which means that you stop to drop your loved one off, kiss them and go.


  1. Just hope you are not being dropped off by someone you would rather not kiss.

  2. Very interesting, I love unusual signs.

  3. How lovely! :) Would definitely take this opportunity if I pass around there. :P

    call South Africa

  4. What a great sign!:)
    You've got quite a selection of impressive shots on both your blogs, you are so lucky as you live in a country with such dramatic sceneries!
    Greetings, DeeBee

  5. Well I am glad you explained, I for one would never have guessed the meaning.

  6. Very popular around schools as well.

    But, in these trying times for motorists, I thinks it's a clever way so saving petril - KISS your car goodbye & RIDE taxi (if you dare)!