Thursday, September 15, 2011

Donkin figures 2

Yeah, yeah, I know today's picture is similar to yesterday's, but I kinda decided that I liked this one better and wanted to show you.  If not today, it would have been tomorrow or next week. So today is as good as any.  Won't have another one again tomorrow, I promise.


  1. An artist would normally get a credit. Is he/she local? Was this installation the result of a competition?

  2. @John, I have posted about the whole art piece before and that's why I don't repeat the same info every time I post a pic with it in. The art pieces on the Donkin are the result of an upgrade by the Mandela Bay Development agency and forms part of the new Route 67 which are a route dedicated to the 67 years that Madiba spent in politics and is represented by 67 art piece being installed from the Campanile up to the Donkin. Once its all done and open I will do the walk and post as much of it as possible. The voting line in the picture was done by artists Anthony Harris And Konrad Gee.