Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Township cooking

Driving through Port Elizabeth's townships you find a number of places where meat are cooked and sold to the people right on the side of the road.  These spots often become places around which the locals socialise come lunch time.  The spot in the photo is situated next to the township butcher I posted yesterday.  One of the pots had chicken pieces being fried in oil while the other one had meat in it.  The guy was busy preparing liver while the lady was cutting fat off a cow hide.  Looking back I probably should have stuck around longer and asked them questions about what they were doing, cooking and how they sell it.  Next time, I promise.


  1. The spammers stay up all night!! These folks you photographed are hard workers. Always cringe at the "sanitary conditions" tho.

  2. Not for me! My son once tasted the walkie talkies (chicken beaks and feet) on offer in khayalitsha tho.Said they were delish.

  3. So long as it is deep fried I'll eat any street food.