Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rivonia Trialists

I had to visit the Nangoza Jebe Hall (previously Centenary Hall) in New Brighton for a meeting the other day and took a couple of minutes to study and photograph this painting of the Rivonia Trialists in the foyer.  The Rivonia Trial during which ten leaders of the African National Congress were tried for 221 acts of sabotage took place between 1963 and 1964.  The trialists were arrested at Liliesleaf Farm in the Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia and the trial led to Nelson Mandela spending 27 years in prison.  A few of the trialists had links to Port Elizabeth and hence the mural in the Nangoza Jebe Hall.

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  1. Hi Firefly, as a South African growing up in that era I always heard about the trialists and of course what I heard was not positive. Now in my fifties, I read about the struggles of these people in a rather unfair system and can see their point of view too. Hope you're having a good weekend. Greetings, Jo (Kenya)