Wednesday, November 23, 2011

View from Blue Waters Cafe

One of the best places to go for breakfast along the Port Elizabeth beachfront must be Blue Waters Cafe on the seaward side from the Boardwalk next to Shark Rock Pier.  Last weekend I visited the restaurant with a visitor from out of town and while we were waiting for our food popped out onto their balcony to snap a pic.  It was a cloudy and somewhat wet morning with no sign that summer is fast approaching, but it doesn't mean that the view changes (other for the fact there there is no blue sky).


  1. Oooh, now you nmake me homesick! but the weather does not look so great ;) I do love Blue Waters though, any time of day!

  2. That looks nice!! Right on the beach! PE must be on our list for our next stopover !! We went whizzing past last time

  3. No bly shy? Ag shame... haha ;-)