Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sacramento Trail at Sardinia Bay

The Sacramento Trail along the coast between Schoenmakerskop and Sardinia Bay isn't just the most popular trail in the city but probably also one of the most scenic.  A couple of us decided to do the 7km long trail the other day with only myself having done it (long ago) previously.  We decided to take the trail along the shore from Schoenies and then turn up to the top trail along the vegetated dunes back from Sardinia Bay.  The reason we decided to do it this way was for us to walk two different routes and get an overall picture of what there is to see on the trail.  And believe me, we weren't disappointed.  The first half of the trail follows the shoreline with us walking on a path just above the rocks as well as on the beach itself.  We made our turn at the lifeguards' clubhouse and headed up to the top trail.  The views from the top is absolutely breathtaking looking down onto the coastline.  Port Elizabeth really is fortunate to have such a magnificent trail right on our doorstep. 

My recommendation is to do the trail early morning before it gets too hot and then go for breakfast at the Sacramento Restaurant in Schoenmakerskop. 

Follow the trail on Google Maps.

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