Saturday, August 18, 2012

St Dominic Priory tour

In my line of work I have taken tourists, tour operators, photographers and media from all over the world around this beautiful city I call home.  This past week I got to do a different kind of group.  A group of grade 6 schoolkids from St Dominic Priory in the city.  At first I didn't really know what to expect and was slightly hesitant but as I was asked by a very good friend I decided to give it a bash.  I was pleasantly surprised by what I encountered.  A well behaved bunch of kids who went to each place with enthusiasm and amazement.  Some of the places we went you could clearly see that only a handful of them had been there.  The oooh's and wow's when we went into the Public Library was audible and there I realised that not all kids were as fortunate as mine to have somebody take them to these places. (See Kids Adventure - Exploring PE's history).  In the picture the group is posing at the Prester John Monument behind the City Hall.

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