Monday, August 6, 2012

The Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin

Some people find visiting museums and churches boring and probably never go to any of them on their travels.  I know its not the most exciting thing popping into a church compared to an abseil adventure for example while on holiday, but churches and museums do have their space when it comes to a holiday itinerary.  The history of old churches, like the Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin in Port Elizabeth, often link very closely with a town's history so by visiting them you also learn more about the town.

The Collegiate Church of St Mary the Virgin was opened for worship in 1832 under the guidance of the  Colonial Chaplain, Revd Francis McClelland.  Probably one of the most significant things to happen to the church was the fact that the building was gutted by fire in 1895 but was quickly rebuilt.  Money for the project came from all over and included people as diverse as the Cape Prime Minister, Cecil Rhodes and President Paul Kruger of the Transvaal.


  1. Very splendid! I can just hear the soaring voices of the choir.

  2. I love visiting churches. And you are right about finding so much local history there.