Monday, June 10, 2013

Young bull

Addo Elephant National Park really is one of the best places anywhere in the world where one can see wild African Elephants fairly close up from your own car.  Here is a couple of elephant facts for today.
  •  A bull elephant can weigh up to 6000kg (6 tons) with a female weighing up to about 3500kg
  • The elephants in Addo eat about 200kg of food a day and also drinks between 150 and 200 litres of water
  • Only about 40% of what they eat gets used due to their bad digestive system.  This makes them very destructive feeders
  • An elephant's gestation period is 22 months
  • Elephants have six sets of molars during their lifetime.  When the old set gets worn away it falls out and gets replaced by a new set.  Between the ages of 40 and 60 the last set starts to be worn away and they will likely die of starvation
  • Elephants can't jump due to their weigh

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