Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stage Door, an extraordinary restaurant

A restaurant (and pub) in the oldest hotel in Port Elizabeth.  Sawdust covered floors. American memorabilia all over the walls... and ceilings.  Historic memorabilia scattered in-between the previously mentioned American stuff.  Friendly people. Relaxed atmosphere. Flippen good food.  Staff taking photos of each and every table to post on Facebook.  Excellent service (even if they're not willing to admit it).  Where am I?

The Stage Door at the Phoenix Hotel in Central is all of that and more.  If you're looking to take visitors to a restaurant with a difference, this is the place.  You will never struggle to find something to talk about as there is always something you probably didn't notice before.  Another thing that adds to the atmosphere of the place is the fact that they try to fail with hot beer, lousy food and bad service.  They fail miserably at failing.  I do love their tongue in cheek approach though.

I went to lunch at Stage Door with a group of about 40 people a little while ago and everything went like clockwork.  Much better than some of the other places we went to.  As the waiter was clearing off plates he asked one of the ladies on our table if she enjoyed the food.  Trying to play them at their own game she said "no".  Without blinking he chirped back, "Yeah, I don't really care but I get paid to ask."  All she had to return on that one was to burst out laughing.  Not the reply she expected . Well played dude, well played.