Thursday, January 16, 2014

Trees on Doncaster Road

On a recent guided walk around St Georges Park, our guide told us a very interesting fact about Doncaster Road.  Doncaster Road is on the other side of park drive close to the Prince Alfred Guard Memorial.  On the day our guide pointed out that not two of the trees lining Doncaster Road are the same.  When the trees were planted it was decided to plant different species all the way between Park Drive and Cape Road in the background.  Now here's the catch.  I haven't been able to find any information on this anywhere on the internet.  So, don't take my word on this as gospel, but if its true its something really special as far as flora in Port Elizabeth. 


  1. A PE relative confirms this and has viewed the different trees over the years noting that some seem to be missing. The sometime deputy editor of the Herald, Bob Nixon (Babiana) promoted tree planting so there will probably be something of this in the Herald archives.

  2. Are those trees in the tarred road surface? Hope they are treated kindly.

  3. You can do guided walks around St George's Park?? :o) Man, I need to be a tourist in my own town again...