Monday, November 24, 2014

SAMREC tour photobomb

I have posted so many times about SAMREC and what an awesome job they do on the conservation side as well as educating people young and old about the plight of the African Penguin and other marine animals.  When I took this picture I wanted to tell you about the tour you can do at SAMREC where they tell visitors more about penguins, visit the "must touch" room, the penguin hospital and finally the pool, but then I realised that the picture got photo bombed... by a stuffed seal.  Go figure.


  1. Ohhh. I didn't think he was stuffed!

  2. You have to be careful around stuffed seals. They are very quick.

    I sent you am email. If you have not seen it, please check your spam filter. Thanks.

  3. Stuffed seals are the worst kind. I think.