Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hinterveld Mohair factory shop

The last stop on the Mohair Factory Tour in Uitenhage is the Mohair factory show at Hinterveld.  Open to the public, this shop sells labeled mohair products that retails for a lot more in other shops and often gets exported to fashion retailers and designers in the UK and other countries.
Yesterday I attended the groundbreaking of the new Mohair South Africa headquarters in Port Elizabeth (I'll still post about that) and found out to my shock that the Gubb and Inggs Factory where a big part of this tour takes place burned down on Sunday.  Devastating news, specially to the mohair industry in Uitenhage.  Some of those machines were over a hundred years old.  It obviously doesn't just affect the operation but also the tours which would not be available for a while.  The factory shop will still be open though. 


  1. Oh that's shocking news! However, I enjoyed poring over your photo of the beautiful mohair products. I can actually "feel' them.

  2. The fire is terrible. I remember Jackie talking about how old some of the machinery was. I love my mohair socks, blanket and a special scarf present.