Sunday, April 5, 2015

Raw mohair arriving at the factory

I came across a folder with five pictures taken at Hinterveld in Uitenhage during a Mohair Factory Tour which for some reason I never posted.  Oh well, better late than never.  At the start of the tour you get to see the bales of raw mohair as it arrives at the factory for processing.  The washing, drying and combing process takes place at Gubb & Inggs, one of three factories (the others being Mohair Spinners South Africa and the Hinterveld weaving factory) that make up the whole process.


  1. Oh, mohair is so luxurious! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  2. Very interesting, I love seeing things that not everyone would get to see!

  3. That was a very interesting tour at Hinterveld. I think I forgot to post about it so also have photos to share. Thanks for the reminder.