Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tourism Ambassadors

Last Sunday while in the Kings Beach parking area after a walk on the beachfront, I spotted a group of youngsters with orange bibs that had TOURISM AMBASSADOR on it.  I was curious and snapped a picture of them as they passed with the idea of asking my friends at Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism what it was about.  The one guy saw me and came over to chat and offer some information.  Turns out that they are part of a project by the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency and go around tourism hot spots with maps and visitor guides, offering information to visitors.  The guy was a very friendly and eager chap but I doubt he would have been able to tell me anything I don't know.  It was awesome to see them there and to hear that there is such an initiative on the go again.  Now I hope its an on-going one and not just one to tick another box.


  1. That's an amazing initiative! Yes, they'd be able to tell you much. Thanks for always promoting SA tourism in PE so well. Greetings. Jo

  2. A great idea. Maybe some training should be offered so they learn their tourism business.