Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The VW AutoPavilion - a world class attraction

A quick trip out to Uitenhage to fetch my drivers license had me pop into the VW AutoPavilion briefly and even though I was in and out quickly I just realised again how much of a world class attraction it is.  We really are very fortunate to have it right on our doorstep but I often wonder how much more popular it would have been if it was in Port Elizabeth and able to attract more visitors.  Locals tend to be a bit on the lazy side to travel to Uitenhage (I also joke that some people probably pack padkos when they drive out there) while most tourists and holiday makers probably never get anywhere close to The Hage.

For those who don't know what the AutoPavilion is, it is Volkswagen of South Africa's high-tech, interactive expo and heritage centre.  The centre features state of the art technology and unprecedented interactivity and thoroughly showcases the evolution of the VW brand from the very first Beetle to the contemporary passenger and sports cars of today.  You get to travel in an interactive "movie studio" Beetle complete with green screen technology, drive in a simulator, see icons of yesteryear such as Herbie or South Africa's oldest kombi or check out a Beetle cut in half by a laser.  These are just a few of the amazing attractions at the AutoPavilion.  Never been?  Make a plan and go for a visit.

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