Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday lunch at Blackbeard's

The Damselfly is busy getting ideas for their office Christmas lunch at the end of the year so we went to try out Blackbeard's Restaurant at the Chapman Hotel as part of her research.  At R120 per adult and R75 for a child it must be one of the more affordable Sunday buffets around.  The starters were a choice of three different soups - butternut, sweet potato mushroom and a tomato based soup.  The main was a choice (or some of everything) of chicken is a sweet sauce, fish bake or beef stew with yellow rice, fried potato, vegetables and three salads.  Dessert was fruit skewers, Malva pudding with custard and chocolate mousse.  It was so totally worth it. Oh and I won't be having dinner cause I'm stull stuffed.  

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