Saturday, September 5, 2015

Firefly's Fourtief Bifday

The last time I had a proper birthday party was for my 21st.  For the past five years I've wanted to have a party and this year was the year.  I just had to have one to celebrate as it was a milestone birthday.  Rather than sending out invites to individual people, I decided to double my birthday party with an official Geocaching event.  About 27 people rocked up for the event which was done as a bring and braai at Casa Serenity and it turned into an epic evening.  Although none of those at the event are very big drinkers, the Tequila came out and... Let's just say I'm probably going to have a major headache tomorrow morning.  I did stay very far away from the bottle of Witblits that was discovered in my liquor cabinet. I don't dare post any of the other pictures taken on the blog cause there may be a couple of slightly embarrassed people if I did.  Hahahahaha..... 


  1. Happy 40th !!! A milestone indeed !!! Hope you plan another birthday bash in 10 years!!!