Thursday, September 10, 2015

The guy who built the 3rd Avenue Dip

As one drives through the 3rd Avenue Dip from Mangold Park side through towards Newton Park, there is a parking area to the right just after the bridge from where the Lower Guinea Fowl Trail starts.  On the edge of this open space is a stone bench with plaque on it.  The bench and plaque is a little "monument" to David Baillie Lovemore (1926 - 1994) who pioneered this crossing of the Baakens Valley in 1955.  The road itself was built by Savage and Lovemore (a firm he co-founded) in 1957.  Now there's a bit of info I bet you didn't know.  


  1. Lovemore Heights wouldn't just have happened to be named after him?

  2. Yes Mike it was. He originally owned the property which was a farm that today is Lovemore Heights, Lovemore Park etc. He was an exceptional human being