Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Horse riding at Sardinia Bay

I've been on a horse only twice before. Once when I was in matric and again about 10 years ago.  So I jumped at the opportunity when I was invited for a ride by the friendly ladies at Heavenly Stables on Sardinia Bay Road.  Although there are many stables in the Sardinia Bay area, I don't think many people know that the public can go for rides here as well.  Heavenly Stables offer an 1 hour as well as a two and a half hour ride.  The latter was the one we went on and the trail took us through the Sardinia Bay Nature Reserve through coastal bush down to the beautiful Sardinia Bay beach.  I have to say I was expecting my backside to be sore the next day, but it turned out it was my knees (is middle age setting in?) and calves hurting from banging against the horse. *Phew* Thank goodness.  It was an wonderful experience to go on the ride though and I will go any time again.  Practise does make perfect.
Not being an accomplished rider I decided not to take my camera along, but did snap a couple of pictures with my Blackberry.

Disclosure: I went on the horse ride as a guest of Heavenly Stables and received no additional remuneration to write this post.  All views expressed are my own.


  1. How fun to ride on the beach.

  2. What is the contact number to get hold of these poeple?

  3. Hi. I would like to add my opinions and experience of Heavenly Stables which was unfortunately the total opposite. The woman who took us was dreadful her name was Jackie. She was texting throughout the ride and not taking any notice of us 3 riders. My friend fell off and was not injured. Then Jackie said I had ridden well for 2 hours so I could gallop on the beach. My stirrup fell off and I fell smack on my back. Jackie did not even want to help. She knew no first aid at all and was so horrible saying I had to get up and walk that because it was winter time there was no-one to rescue me. She then demanded her money for the ride. Finally the sea rescue team came and i was ambulanced to hospital. I can report I haven't broken my back but have severely damaged it and I had to cut my trip short and wasn't able to do my game ranger course. Heavenly stables are dangerous and irresponsible. Do NOT ride with them if you do not want to get hurt.