Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Havelock Square

Yesterday we showed you Trinder Square. This is Havelock Square, another of the little pockets of green amongst the closely built properties in the high density Central area. It has some delightful old Victorian villas around it, one of which you can see peeping through the trees across the square. This one is now a guesthouse. The flowers in the foreground are a plant indigenous to the Eastern Cape, a shade lover called Plectranthus.

This is a few blocks away from Trinder Square, and the church you could see in the background of the vintage photo of Trinder Square when it was still a lake, which is Trinity Anglican Church, is to the right of the house shown today.

(Here it is lurking behind the trees!)


  1. Port Elizabeth looks very much like Adelaide.

    Thanks for sharing your puctures.

  2. Thanks for the Havelock Square photo. The Havelock is looking great. Is Millbrook House still there?

  3. Lovel place, and great photograph.

  4. Central really does have some beautiful elements.

  5. Beautiful garden and many green plants all around! It looks a nice place to live in!